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Auction Details
AUCTION CLOSED! Gallery Auction: Rugs, Artwork, Collectibles, Glassware, Household, Primitives , Like New Gift Items! Youngstown - Auction Closed Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 4 PM EST

Item Description
0A.12% Buyer's Fee Added to High Bid Price, (7.25% Sales Tax will be collected.) (Notes: For tax exempt business, please download form and email to

Preview: Wednesday, March 4, from 12 - 1 PM at 755 Wick Ave. Youngstown, OH 44505.

Ends: Wednesday, March 4, 4 PM Online @

Pickup: Thursday, March 5, from 11 AM - 5:30 PM, at 755 Wick Ave. Youngstown, OH 44505.

NOTE- Please Bring Able Bodied Help & Own Packaging/Equipment to Pick-Up Items - It is STRONGLY Suggested that Minors NOT Attend Due to Safety Issues. No Smoking in or on Property.

Bidders who do not comply with Pick-up Policies, Procedures, and Traffic Control will Not be accommodated. **All Trays, Flat Boxes, and Bins are NOT Included**

Estate of Antoinette Smith Clarke - Trumbull County # 2019 EST 0552

Thank you.

2000.Large, Very nice quality area rug. 117" x 151". Cleaned by Rashid Oriental Rug Washing, Primary color red.

2001.Towle Sterling silverware, incomplete set. In Naken's silverware chest.

2002.(3) Pieces: Cool Catz "Harlequin" by Cardew. Made in England.

2003.(5) Pieces: Cool Catz "Paisley" by Cardew. Made in England.

2004.Porcelain figures: (2) Staffordshire Ware Made in England dogs, and (2) Fish figures.

2005.Wood carving pieces, Don Quixote figure.

2006.Hand blown vase, (2) nice small decanters, and (2) other figures.

2007.Draftsman drawing instruments and right angle. Some pieces may be missing.

2008.Lot of nautical instruments: Compasses, telescopes, magnifying glasses, map magnifier. In high quality wood boxes featuring brass accents.

2008A.Lot of nautical instruments: Three-in-one set in box. Compass, magnifying glass, and telescope.

2009.(2) Brass mortar shell casings. Marked IVU LP M.B, 2/936 and 100/17.

2010.(2) Feline Essence Cat Figures. Limited Edition Set. 1441/1500.

2011.Lot of stone pieces: Includes mortar and pestle with matching vases and small bowl. Also includes pierced carving piece.

2012.(2) Framed and matted pieces under glass. 8" Square overall.

2013.Lot of hand painted vases, sculpted soap stone, and bird pottery figure marked Chile. Vase with Victorian cordial scene marked Dresden.

2014.Lot of glass art figures: Smaller duck marked Murano, and clear crystal sea lion marked Oneida.

2015.Porcelain painted cat figure marked on bottom.

2016.Nice quality oriental collectible items. Vase and bowl with markings on bottom and 8 sided box with brass latch and handles.

2017.Black glass crystal bowl and Chokin dish with lid, and (2) vases. Taller vase marked Interpur, made in Japan.

2018.(4) Cat figures: Includes head bust marked "Original Sculpture" by Thetford Kendall, and cat lying down marked Kingmaker, Hand made in U.K. with British Coal.

2019.(2) Pieces: Waterford Parian vase with top 9" tall; and Moorcroft decanter. 4.5" tall. Both have box.

2020.Lot of hand crafted pottery pieces by Poole Pottery. (7) Pieces total.

2021.(3) Lamps: Leaded resin lamps with tree and vine design on base. 20" and 14" tall.

2022.Lot of wood jewelry and collectibles boxes. (5) total.

2023.Bombay ceramic horse head bust, (2) sculpted green stone horses, and large horse figure on stand. 18" long and 17"tall.

2024.(3) Pieces sculpted pottery vases. All 3 marked on bottom. Approx. 5" tall.

2025.Vintage ball and cup game, magnifying glass, Australian made boomerang, and (2) Rabone Chesterman Made in England collapsible rulers with brass hinges.

2026.Lot of wood items including large wood egg with hinged opening, approx. 12" tall; smaller wood egg, and other carved items.

2027.Primitive Wood handmade pail. High handle.

2028.(2) Manual coffee bean burr grinders.

2029.(2) Manual coffee bean burr grinders with chamber slides. Smaller one marked KYM.

2030.Hand crafted clay pottery items. (7) Pieces total.

2031.(2) Manual hand burr grinders: One newer style coffee bean grinder and smaller burr grinder.

2032.(2) Manual coffee bean burr grinders. Horizontal gear style.

2033.Nice glass set: (2) dishes with lids, oil and wick jar, and vase. Also includes small silver-plated pieces and colored stone egg.

2034.Framed piece under glass. Appears to be a ballot cast letter in London, 1900.17.5" x 6.5".

2035.Glazed ship battle scene on board, framed. Approx. 10" x 7.5" overall.

2036.Lot of Siamese cat collectible items. (9) pieces total.

2037.(2) Early self portraits, framed, larger one under glass. Very fragile frames. 10" x 8" overall and 12" x 14.5" overall.

2038.Nice lot of copper items: 21", 14.5", and 12.5" diameter copper bowls; Copper fire roasting tool with brass hinge and wood handle. Also includes (3) ladles, measurement cups, vases and pitchers.

2039.Ships at Sea painting on canvas. 26" x 22" overall.

2040.Ship battle at sea painting on canvas. 22" x 14" overall. Frame has some wear.

2041.A day on the water painting on canvas. 47" x 37" overall. Frame has some damage.

2042.Wood case with handles, latch, and skeleton key lock, (no key).Gloss finish.20" x 13" 12".

2043.(7) Fur hats, and accessory piece. In hat box.

2044.Setting for 10 Prima Stainless Steel Silverware set in case.

2045.Setting for 10 Chromstahl 23-24 carat gold-plated silverware set. Made in West Germany, in case. Dish washer proof.

2046.Grouping of silver-plate and some stainless Sheffield spoons.

2047.Horse racing depiction, signed J. Dally, in large quality frame. 18" x 16" overall.

2048.Tray of foreign coin currency.

2049.Yamaha Trumpet, model YTR1335 serial number 432192. NO Mouthpiece. Appears to be in great condition, no dents or major scratches. Comes with case, valve oil, and music poster framed under non-glare glass.

2050.Tempest barometer and barometer weather station made in Germany.

2051.Setting for 12 International Silver-plate silverware set. In case, may not be complete.

2052.Balance scale, Victor, England, with weights. (weights shown were in box that is pictured)

2053.Vintage Masonic voting box.

2054.Vintage Masonic voting box.

2055.Primitive handmade wood pail, darker wood coloring.

2056.Primitive spreading machine. Not certain of purpose.

2057.Copper Swiftsure by British Vacuum Washer Co.

2058.(2) Primitive wood mixing containers.

2059.(2) Brass buckets.

2060.Early ice cream maker, Magic Marmalade Cutter, Nutbrown Instant Whisk made in England, and masher.

2061.(2) Early glass jar mixers. Made in England.

2062.32" x 62" Rug, Some wear and unevenness.

2063.32" x 57" Rug.

2064.46" x 77" Rug.

2065.42" x 72" Rug.

2066.(2) Rugs. 34" x 50" Rugs.

2067.Framed painting on canvas, 39" x 27" overall, Sail boats at dock. Signed by Robin Scon?

2068.Framed and matted painting on canvas, 15" x 13" overall. Signed H Watson?

2069.Framed and matted water color under glass, 16.5" x 13.5" overall. Signed MDG '01.

2070.38" x 73" Rug. Good condition, clean.

2071.Framed and matted "Original Illustration" under glass, 9.75" x 9" overall. By John Leech, "Lend A Hand Sir"

2072.Oak dark stained chair, nice woodwork. Seat height 17".

2073.Wood stand with nice front design.33" x 10" x 30".

2074.(3) Easels: Two at 65" tall and one at 40"tall. Nice carving designs.

2075.38" x 70" Area Rug. Some wear and stains.

2076.Saddle with blanket cover and stirrups, and leather cords.

2077.(2) Large wood hand carved fish figures. Top fin on one has some damage and chipped ends. Very unique figures. 19" tall.

2078.Heavy metal cast sea horse figure.

2079.Framed and matted water color under glass, 23" x 28" overall, signed La Monte.

2080.(3) Framed racecar prints under glass. 53/200, 252/400, and 71/200. 29" x 22.5" overall.

2081.(2) Matching rugs, 30" x 55".

2082.Item Removed.

2083.Smaller prayer rug.

2084.(2) Smaller rugs, some wear.

2085.40" x 50" Area Rug. Some wear.

2086.33" x 46" Area Rug.

2087.(3) Framed under glass early prints of war ships. 15" x 17.5" overall.

2088.Framed and matted numbered piece under glass. 37/50, Titled Angoon, by Jony?, 29" x 38".

2089.Framed painting on canvas, ships at port scene with city and mounts in background, signed. 43" x 32" overall.

2090.Leaded colored resin shade table lamp, 20" tall.

2091.(2) Matching base lamps, leaded colored resin shades with dragonfly design, 15" tall.

2092.Leaded colored resin shade lamp, 14" tall.

2093.35" x 70" Area Rug. Nice designs and quality.

2094.42" x 79" Area Rug. Dark red colored field, some wear or stain markings.

2095.27" x 58" Area Rug, Floral patterns, good condition.

2096.Framed and matted print under glass, numbered 224/1000, by Will Moses, 23" x 19.5" overall.

2097.Nice framed floral still life painting on board, signed Robert Cox, 23.5" x 19.5" overall.

2098.Framed numbered print under glass, 20/250, 28" x 24" overall.

2099.Framed and matted print of water color by Stephen Bleinberger, under glass, 17" x 21" overall.

2100.Framed and matted print under non glare glass, 38" x 29" overall.

2101.Framed and matted print under glass, signed numbered 124/150, 31" x 28" overall.

2102.Framed painting on canvas, fishing boat at port depiction, signed, 29.5" x 25" overall.

2103.Framed and matted water color under glass, signed and dated 1999, 14" x 17" overall.

2104.Framed painting on board, titled "Trenoon and Foal", A. Heckford 1959. 13" x 17" overall.

2105.Framed and matted numbered print under glass, 133/950 title "Night Front", signed and dated 1991, 17.5" x 15" overall.

2106.Framed and matted numbered print under glass, 3/275, 30" x 24" overall.

2107.Framed piece under glass. Signed, 12" x 14" overall.

2108.Framed and matted print under glass. Titled "The Blue Cavalier", 24" x 41.5" overall. From the work of Raymond de Botton.

2109.40" x 84" Area Rug, some wear on edges.

2110.(2) Framed and matted pieces under glass: Etching by Ernest L. Rost, 34" x 19" overall, and Print of work by J. Walter Gozzard "His Son and Heir", 27" x 21.5" overall.

2111.39" x 57" Area Rug, Good condition.

2112.31" x 48" Area Rug, Thick quality rug, nice field design.

2113.Painting on canvas, signed Reeder, 24" x 36", No Frame.

2114.Framed painting on canvas, signed M. James, 41" x 30" overall.

2115.Framed painting on canvas, 43" x 37" overall, signed F. L. Dempsey?.

2116.Framed and matted print of water color under glass, title "Sir William Russell Flint", 28" x 22" overall.

2117.Framed and matted stamp collage of cat shape, signed, under glass, 10" x 17" overall.

2118.Framed and matted water color under glass, signed M. Self, 21" x 16" overall.

2119.Painting on canvas, no frame, signed C. Chan?, 16" x 20", no frame.

2120.Framed painting on canvas, signed M. Concedina?, 22" x 18" overall.

2121.Framed and matted water color under glass, by Marjorie Self. 19" x 15" overall.

2122.Framed painting on canvas, signed by artist, '93. 23" x 19" overall.

2123.Relief style framed painting on canvas, signed Dolly P. Nicoll. 19" x 15" overall.

2124.Framed and matted possible pencil drawing title "Portworth Harbor Lighthouse", New Castle, New Hampshire, 1771, signed Lauren Orney?, 21" x 18" overall.

2125.31" x 143" Nice runner rug, with label, 100% wool, made in Iran.

2126.30" x 62" Rug, green colored field, nice pattern.

2127.37" x 51" Persian rug, Kirman, thick wool rug, high quality and clean.

2128.29" x 94" Persian Kirman Runner, thick wool rug.

2129.Framed and matted numbered print/litho 56/300, signed. 24" x 27" overall.

2130.Framed painting on board, signed M. Self, 18" x 23" overall.

2131.Framed and matted, dated 1901, under glass. Possible lithograph or etching. 12" x 17" overall.

2132.Framed painting on canvas, ship at sea, signed S. Goldman? 21" x 18" overall.

2133.Painting on canvas, no frame, no signature, 20" x 24".

2134.Framed and matted under glass, signed Arthur Heintzelman, title "Carrara 27" some damage, 17" x 21" overall.

2135.Framed painting on canvas, signed Everett Woodson, 24" x 20" overall.

2136.Framed and matted numbered print, 822/1000, by Will Moses. 19" x 26" overall.

2137.Framed and matted "To Ethan With Love", by Nicolet dated Oct. 1st 1927, 15" x 19" overall.

2138.Painting on board, no frame, signed Mel Brook, 30" x 25".

2139.Framed painting on canvas, signed Raymond? 39" x 26" overall.

2140.Framed (damaged), matted under glass, print titled "Legendary Yachts of Racing", numbered 4410/5000, Hammond. 1990. 28" x 24" overall.

2141.Photo print of sailing vessel, framed labeled as made from the teak deck plank of pictured vessel. 18" x 16" overall.

2142.Framed and matted, F. K. Ewell? 1924. Print of horse, 26" x 22" overall. Some damage to frame and matting. Early frame and print.

2143.Framed and matted water color under glass, signed Waring '75, 20" x 16" overall.

2144.Framed and matted possible pencil drawing, no sign, 33" x 21" overall.

2145.Framed painting on canvas by Granger, boy on shore depiction, 24" x 20" overall.

2146.Framed and matted numbered print 25/45, titled "The Isswat". 17" x 21" overall.

2147.Framed painting on canvas, signed G. Tiziani, 18" x 16" overall.

2148.Framed and matted under glass, possible pencil drawing or etching, signed J.K.L., 20" x 18" overall.

2149.(3) Framed and matted under glass, embossed early classic automobile collectors pieces, Roy Williams, Serigraph, 1981. 28" x 22" overall.

2150.(4) Hand carved bamboo wood pieces. Two at 9" tall and two at 14" tall.

2151.(5) Cat figures. Some wood carved, porcelain and resin mold. Tallest cat at 12" tall.

2152.(7) Lamp bases with no shades. 16", 14", and 27" and 30" tall.

2153.(4) Cat figures. "Special Gifts" by Crowning Touch made in Taiwan.

2154.(6) Duck figures wood and clay, accessory holders.

2155.(13) total duck figures. Hand painted, resin and wood.

2156.Porcelain figures, (2) ducks, (3) chickens.

2157.Natural material made ducks. (3) total.

2158.Pottery clay ceramic vases, some marked on bottom, and includes ancient artifact reproductions.

2159.Noritake Lenore fine china, Japan, Setting for 12.

2160.Hand carved miniature cork landscapes in cased in glass.

2161.Grouping of pottery and porcelain vases. Asian themed.

2162.(4) Possibly brass ducks, stone like carved ducks, and hand painted rock.

2163.Grouping of smaller hand painted and carved duck figures.

2164.Grouping of painted and carved duck and animal figures.

2165.Lot of mostly hand crafted boxes, containers.

2166.Noritake Lenore "Silverdale" setting for 12.

2167.Grouping of mostly cut glass shakers, sugar bowls, dressing decanters, and tumblers in caddy.

2168.Lot of exotic Asian scent jars.

2169.Sadler Golden Dolphin, hand painted Russian Collection of collectible tea pots.

2170.Grouping Chokin metal engraving pieces 24kt gold edged, and misc. hand painted pieces.

2171.Amber colored depression glass.

2172.Grouping of candy cut glass dishes with lids.

2173.30" x 60" area rug.

2174.Assortment of cut glass some leaded crystal glass bowls, serving dishes, punch bowl, and misc. glassware.

2175.Lot of silver-plated tea service trays and serving platters. And (2) candle holders.

2176.MacDonald China, Cat Lovers (6) mugs, shakers, bowl, and plate.

2177.Calculator adding machines, keyboards, one new in box and a wireless keyboard missing USB dongle, and misc. electronics cords.

2178.Vase and ceramics display stands.

2179.Grouping of brass candle stick holders. (16) total.

2180.Horse head figures, resin mold figures on bases.

2181.Large assortment of silver plate and stainless silverware. Some Sheffield Mappin & Webb.

2182.Box of assorted cassette tapes.

2183.Grouping of brass engraved flower vases.

2184.Lot of modern decor items, photo holder, geometric figure, vases, and misc.

2185.Lot of collectible plates Royal Grafton and Royal Worcester, and The Bradford Exchange collectors plates.

2186.Assortment of brass pitchers, containers, and metal hot plate holders.

2187.Home Ice Maker, and (4) Freezer Mugs, and manual ice crusher.

2188.(5) Socket metal hanging chandelier.

2189.38" x 60" Area Rug.

2190.Wood boxes and craft boxes.

2191.Two large ceramic bathing vessels; 14" diameter and 12" diameter bowls

2192.Three large ceramic vases; all 18" tall

2193.Two matched ceramic vases; 13" tall

2194.Two mid-sized ceramic bowls; 10" diameter

2195.Seven total music boxes and one large ceramic egg

2196.South American carved gourds and wooden boxes

2197.Ceramic, glass, and stone figurines; 11 total plus 12 elaborately decorated chop sticks

2198.Set of three Swedish carved wooden horses, hand painted

2199.Seven total jewelry boxes

2200.Large lot of hand carved figurines, containers, and small bowls

2201.Assortment of elaborately painted spoons, plates, tea cups, and other knick-knacks

2202.Three pair of carved wooden shoes

2203.Seventeen small jewelry boxes

2204.Set of three Chinese carved wooden jewelry boxes

2205.Art deco miniature statues, anatomically correct, 16" tall

2206.Fourteen brass candle sticks

2207.Six sets of couples embracing

2208.Blue glass porcelain clock, 13" tall

2209.Ceramic ducks and bunnies; 12 total

2210.Art deco tabletop center pieces; 9 total

2210A.Model Motorcycle with Side Car

2211.Large lot of ornately painted small jewelry containers; over 50 total

2212.Nine total desk clocks

2213.Small lot of ceramic carousel horses and bears

2214.Large lot of ceramic carousel horses

2215.Large lot of ceramic carousel horses

2216.Blue glass jar containers. (12) total.

2217.Kitchen porcelain storage jars. Marked Original Arnartcreation, Bella Onion. And Blue Danube Japan Porcelain Pumpkin.

2218.Lot of blue glass vases, bottles, shakers, candle holder, and decanters.

2219.Lot of fine crystal glass stemware, tumblers, vases. Set of stemware marked made in Scotland, Cut Crystal. Vase marked Clarenbridge Ireland, Other set of stemware marked made in England, Nazeing Hand Made Lead Crystal.

2220.Lot of large and smaller pitches, marked British Heritage Collection, Portmeirion Porcelain, England. Pitcher and covered serving dish marked Limoges, France.

2221.Lot of shot glasses, "Vodka" shot glasses, (4) decanters, salt shaker, and stemmed shot glasses.

2222.Lot of stemware wine glasses, stem flutes, decanter. Newcore Genuine 24% Lead Crystal.

2223.Lot of (3) high quality crystal bowls. Marked Galway, Shannon Crystal, Larger bowl marked Genuine Hand Cut Lead Crystal Made in Poland.

2224.Lot of Asian themed collector's plates.

2225.Lot of larger size wine glass style pitchers, large fruit bowl vase, pitcher, gravy dish, and other glassware.

2226.Grouping of happy Buddha figures. Resin molded and some wood carved.

2227.Grouping of meditating figures, and carvings of high power Asian figures.

2227A.Lot of (2) Resin galloping horse figures, and decorated horse lamp.

2228.Lot of Delfts plates, vase, wash basin, bowl, and "Indian Sporting" ceramic pitcher.

2229.Lot of Wedgwood Made in England.

2230.Assortment of cut crystal and leaded glass bowls, vase, plates, candle stick holders, and pieced ceramic covered bowl on plate.

2231.Grouping of wood carved, porcelain, and stone carved horse figures. (11) figures total.

2232.Lot of brass and resin molded figures.

2233.Lot of horse figures, includes emerald colored leaded glass unicorn, wild horse on hind legs, resin and stone horses, and decorated porcelain horse. Also includes paper mache carousel horse.

2234.Lot of horse figures on bases. Mostly resin molded. Once horse possibly made of copper or brass. (7) total.

2235.Assortment of Asian Themed items includes (2) fans, and misc. figures.

2236.Lot of Bohemia Crystal glassware, fine cut crystal tumblers. (3) boxes of six.

2237.Lot of Waterford glassware: Includes Penrose Glass cups, and shot glasses, Penrose vase, other Waterford vase, and (2) large stemware glasses Marquis by Waterford "Yours Truly Collection".

2238.Crystal glass spheres, and other glass paperweight figures.

2239.Large glass serving plate, and silver-plate serving platters, some Oneida.

2240.Lot of baking dishes includes Anchor Hocking and Pyrex.

2241.Lot of Davinci Crystal "Bianca" stemware.

2242.Lot of stemware and tumblers by Cristal d'Arques.

2243.Large grouping of blue glass dishes: Includes mugs, tumblers, stemmed glasses, bowls, plates.

2244.Grouping of glass sealed jars, shakers, wood utensils, and oil/vinegar decanters, and misc.

2245.Grouping of mostly German beer steins and glasses.

2246.Set of Prima cutlery and other utensils. In carrying case.

2247.Lot of cutting boards, stainless steel cutlery set, cork plates, revolving cheese serving platter, Baguette Bread Board Set, and rotating service pedestal.

2247A.Grouping of blue glass crinkled bowls. (9) total.

2248.Lot of blue glass baking dishes by Anchor Hocking.

2249.Large wood pedestal bowl, and large one piece wood carved salad bowl.

2250.Large lot of collectible Russian plates.

2251.Lot of (4) Large platters. Marked on bottom.

2252.(2) Household scales with weights. "Librasco" and "The Viking" by F.J. Thornton and Co.

2253.(2) Household scales with weights.

2254.Grouping of (10) Asian or Japanese figures.

2255.Lot of carved surface red clay/porcelain vases and covered containers, and ruby red glass bowl on stand, and red glasses platter with paisley designs.

2256.(2) 2017 Trump Inauguration glasses, Iraqi playing cards, and wood hand carving.

2257.Lot of (6) fine crystal glass stemmed wine glasses, and (2) Hoya crystal glass stem glasses.

2258.Nice wood boxes, some with brass features.

2259.(2) Covered glass bowls with lids, brass plate and other brass items, early wall d�cor pieces.

2260.Pottery vases, bowls, flower vase and one with top, and Egyptian figures.

2261.(2) Hand carved painted resin horse sculptures on bases, and Asian elder carved resin figure.

2262.Shaped and carved pottery ceramic war horses, elephant, and other resin horse sculpture.

2263.Himalayan sea salt crystals.

2264.Dried leaf paper mache style field workers on wood bases.

2265.58" x 99" Area Rug.

2266.58" x 92" Area Rug.

2267.63" x 87" Area Rug.

2268.73" x 115" Area Rug.

2269.52" x 130" Area Rug.

2270.54" x 94" Area Rug.

2271.55" x 80" Area Rug.

2272.44" x 79" Area Rug.

2273.30" pine step chair.

2274.32" x 26" x 19" wooden trunk; hinges are operational but needs restoration

2275.Two 16" diameter blue artists' glass bowl

2276.Five total Asian inspired vases; 3 at 14" tall and 2 at 6" tall with lids

2277.Three total older woven baskets with lids; 2 at 14" and 1 at 12"

2278.Three total tote-style woven baskets; 16" x 11"

2279.Three total wooden buckets; one at 15" diameter and two at 8" diameter

2280.Clear plastic display stands

2281.Four total Asian themed ceramic vessels; 16", 8", 9", and 19"

2282.Three total leaded resin display platters; 18" diameter

2283.Assorted flower vases and pots

2284.Two wood boxes with brass accents. One with organizer slots.

2285.Glass and brass chandelier parts - not complete, and glass bulb shades.

2286.Assortment of white glass appetizer dishes and bowls

2287.Four dozen clear glass wine glasses

2288.Two total artifact display boxes; 12" x 9" x 9"

2289.(12) Vintage Copper Masonic Temple Ceremonial lanterns, possibly from Youngstown Lodge, Battery converted with plywood case.

2290.Small wooden chest of drawers with slight damage on the top; 12" x 14" x 6" with four drawers

2291.Three small looms.

2292.Large collection of vintage glass and brass Christmas tree ornaments

2293.One manual Corona typewriter and one early generation Smith & Corona electric typewriter

2294.Spice rack, 18-bottle spice rack, and 3 piece stainless steel canister set

2295.Chafing dish, fondue set, salad bar, onion blossom maker, and pasta-n-more

2296.11-inch electric skillet, waffle maker, grilling machine, and tortilla pan set

2297.White glass serving dish assortment

2298.Large collection of crystal and clear glass stemware; over 100 pieces total

2299.Three total Waveware microwave cookware

2300.Two total ceramic cookie jars

2301.Large assortment of grilling tools

2302.Assortment of metal baking tins

2303.Assortment of glass and stone desert sets

2304.Assortment of specialty food pans, cookie press, storage containers

2305.Sunbeam bread maker, bread storage container, and bread warmer

2306.Two Mr. Coffee iced tea makers, hot water kettles, and vacuum flask

2307.Sunbeam Mixmaster and bowls

2308.Three wicker baby carriages

2309.Assortment of early American kitchen and laundry tools

2310.Four total large decorative table centerpiece bowls; wooden, glass, and metal; 16" + diameters

2311.Vintage food and parcel scale; 22lb capacity

2312.Two total smaller wicker baby carriages meant for dolls

2313.Assortment of blenders, food processors, can openers

2314.Crockpot, egg cooker, and food steamers

2315.Kirkland roasting pan and broiler pans

2316.Two Waveware microwave cooking dishes, Cooktime stainless steel cookware

2317.Assortment of metal pots, pans, and serving pans

2318.Suitcase full of vintage wooden kitchen utensils

2319.Seven total jewelry and one wicker jewelry stand

2320.(2) High quality Guardian Gear Pet Carriers/Pens.

2320A.(2) High quality Guardian Gear Pet Carriers/Pens.

2320B.(2) High quality Guardian Gear Pet Carriers/Pens.

2321.One 72" Mainstays floor lamp, One Home medics Relaxation fountain, and metal clock

2322.Dual 1019 turntable for parts or restoration.

2323.Teac cassette deck, Sherwood Receiver, Admiral CD changer, and wireless speakers

2324.SiriusXM Radio and Vehicle kit.

2325.Two Grayton II 42" ceiling fans (NIB), drapery rod set, and BioBidet

2326.Akai 1800-SS reel-to-reel tape deck

2327.Canon A-1 SLR camera and Canon Pure-Shot GT digital camera

2328.(8) Total Classico die cast cars, die cast Nascar, and model locomotive, and includes brass and glass lantern.

2329.Galvanized tin horse feeding tray.

2330.(4) Woven patio chairs; bar stool; and lounge chair with cushion. (some wear)

2331.(2) Men's Jackets, Brown: Conrail jacket size L, and G-IIIApparel size L-XL. Good condition jackets.

2332.Lot of vintage tennis raquets and one wood badminton raquet; and misc. golf clubs.

2333.Lot of vinyl albums, includes 33s, 78s and 45s; mostly pop, classical, musical, jazz. Quality of vinyl not inspected.

2334.Crate of sand filled weights: 2.5 - 8 lbs.

2335.Youth L/XL Z1R helmet. Some scratches, inside good condition.

2336.Oster food processor; Ninja blender set; misc. Fiesta dishes; and small envelope size paper shredder.

2337.Grand piano music box; two pairs of chopsticks in case.

2338.Goodyear car vacuum, 12v plug, 60w. New in box.

2339.Legacy Pro Stepper and Pro Form ab-Glider machine.

2339A.Pair of metal car ramps.

2339C.Bissell bagless vacuum. Powers on.

2339B.Little Tikes push car (missing one side support); Fisher Price toddler basketball hoop. Height adjustable