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Auction Details
Closing Wednesday! Online Gallery Auction: Art, Collectibles, Household, Fur Coats, Furnishings - Youngstown, OH - Final Bidding & Closing: Wed. August 19, 2020 - 4 PM

Item Description
0A.12% Buyer's Fee Added to High Bid Price, (7.25% Sales Tax will be collected.) (Notes: For tax exempt business, please download form and email to

Preview: Wednesday, August 19, from 12 - 1 PM at 755 Wick Ave. Youngstown, OH 44505.

Ends: Wednesday, August 19, 4 PM Online @

Pickup: Thursday, August 20, from 11 AM - 5:30 PM, at 755 Wick Ave. Youngstown, OH 44505.

- Please Bring Able Bodied Help & Own Packaging/Equipment to Pick-Up Items

- It is STRONGLY Suggested that Minors NOT Attend Due to Safety Issues.

No Smoking in or on Property.

*Bidders who do not comply with Pick-up Policies, Procedures, and Traffic Control will Not be accommodated.

- All Trays, Flat Boxes, and Bins are NOT Included

*Any items not picked up within the published pick up times will be considered abandoned at the buyer's expense*

Estate of Antoinette Smith Clarke - Trumbull County # 2019 EST 0552 Thank you.

COVID-19 Policy: Please follow the Governor's mandated statewide mask policy. As a condition of bidding, buyers agree to comply with all policies and requests of staff at pick-up and preview. If you are feeling ill, we will release your items to another party if they provide valid ID and have an electronic or print out of your invoice. Please minimize number in your party. You may be asked to wait if we limit the number of people in the home. Any items not picked up within the published pick up times will still be considered abandoned at buyer's expense. Thank you

3559.Large clean area rug, Providence Azarbayjan, Origin Tabriz, Size 9ft 4in x 13ft 1in, 100% wool, made in Iran. Appears to be high quality.

3560.Framed under glass, numbered 68/100, triple matted, 27' x 22".

3561.Framed mirror, 29" x 38".

3562.2 Pieces: Matching frames, under glass, double matted, possible lithograph. 25" x 21" and 26" x 28" overall.

3563.3 Pieces: Framed prints under glass, triple matted, Currier and Ives, "Ice Boat Race on the Hudson" and "Trolling for Blue Fish". 19" x 23" and 23" x 19" overall.

3564.Framed print, under glass. 19" x 22" overall.

3565.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass numbered prints, double matted. 28/300 and 250/300. 21" x 25" and 27" x 25".

3566.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered prints, same artist. 122/300 and 92/300. 29" x 26" and 20" x 22".

3567.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, numbered prints, double matted. 274/300 and 95/300. 24" x 21" and 29" x 25".

3568.Framed, double matted, under glass, ship at sea, foil type material. 25" x 20".

3569.Framed, numbered print, double matted, under glass. 131/300, 31" x 37".

3570.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered prints, same artist. 110/300 and marked "EA". 42" x 36" and 35" x 29".

3571.Framed under glass, numbered print, 3/500, 17" x 20".

3572.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered prints, same artist. 235/350 and 39/350, 25" x 23" and 32" x 28".

3573.Framed, double matted, under glass, Signed 'Jim Campbell', titled "New York to Melbourne", 39/500. 23" x 19".

3574.Framed, single matted under glass, numbered 40/300. 23" x 32".

3575.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, double matted, same artist, 'Lambier'?, 237/350 and other not numbered. 26" x 24" and 30" x 25".

3576.3 Pieces, same artist, "dancing ladies", framed triple matted, numbered prints. 4/150, 4/150, and 9/150. all 3 are 20" x 26".

3577.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, single matting, same artist, "Hoi Lebadang", numbered lithographs with relief stamp. 125/325 and 20/325. 20" x 26" and 21" x 25".

3578.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass, single matted, no markings, 18" x 21". Same framing.

3579.3 Pieces: Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered prints, different artists. 149/150 and 4/100.

3580.Framed numbered print under glass, double matted, 191/215. 25" x 30".

3581.2 Pieces: Framed, double matted, under glass, ship at sea photos.

3582.Framed, numbered print under glass, double matted, 126/390. 27" x 22".

3583.Framed, under glass, high quality textured press print, 311/350. 36" x 40".

3584.Framed beveled glass mirror, 36" x 46".

3585.(2) Pieces: Framed, under glass, same artist, 'Linda', 347/350 and 313/350. 28" x 25" and 22" x 26".

3586.Framed, under glass, single matted, numbered print, 347/350.'Linda'. 24" x 27".

3587.Framed, under glass, triple matted, no markings.

3588.Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered print, 32/250, by Alvar?. 19" x 19".

3589.Framed, single matted, "New Abbey Wood" Dawn Matthews, under glass, numbered 118/175. 32" x 26".

3590.Framed, single matted, under glass, signed Girtrude Rodgers?, 20" x 25".

3591.Framed, under glass, single matting, numbered print, 282/350, 16" x 14".

3592.Framed, single matted, numbered 175/360, under glass, 35" x 26".

3593.Framed piece, double matted, under glass, 187/200, 34" x 26".

3594.Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered print of water color, EA 31/50, 30" x 36".

3595.Framed artists proof water color, under non-glare glass, 20" x 26".

3596.Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered print of water color, 56/350. 30" x 24".

3597.Framed print, double matted, 24" x 24".

3598.Gilt framed, oil on canvas, signed, 28" x 24".

3599.Framed, under glass, numbered 81/275, by Robin Middleman. 16" x 19".

3600.Framed, double matted, 1943 print.

3601.Framed, double matted, artists proof, 3/25, 31" x 26".

3602.2 Pieces: Possibly painting on board, in large wood ornate frames, ships at sea. 13" x 11"

3603.Framed, under glass, single matted, "Silent Volume", by Mike Chathey, 1984. 26" x 24".

3604.Framed print, under glass, single matted, print, marked. 21" x 17".

3605.Framed print under glass, "Street Market", by Ames?, 21" x 17".

3606.2 Pieces: Framed, under glass print, frame has damage. Framed print on fabric, under glass, 22" x 31".

3607.Framed, under glass, double matted, possible print, no artist markings. 16" x 14".

3608.Framed oil on canvas, signed, 28" x 36".

3609.Framed under plastic, double matted, print on canvas, by Garcia.

3610.Framed watercolor, under glass, single matted, HR, '67. 12" x 16".

3611.Framed print under glass, single matted, print on canvas, 14" x 18".

3612.Double framed, double glass, numbered 92/150, print. Double matted, 23" x 27".

3613.Framed, under glass, print, L. Kolk, Laser Print, numbered 18/20, "Pulse". 22" x 19".

3614.Framed pressed relief under glass, "The Seven Ups", signed. 14" x 26".

3615.Framed, print under glass, double frame, 32" x 32". By Chris Davis, "Cinnamon".

3616.(2) Pieces: Framed pieces under glass, framed. And clock.

3617.(2) Pieces: Double framed, under glass, matted, like needlepoint, 21" x 33".

3618.(2) Pieces: Faux bamboo framed print under glass, 24" x 42". Appears to be print on fabric. Includes round glazed print in round frame, 30" diameter.

3619.(2) Pieces: Winlit by Listeff Fashions, Western style furled possibly leather jacket, and other brown jacket. size M.

3620.(6) Pieces: Grouping of plush winter jackets, some high quality names, Calvin Klein, YMI, Centigrade Outerwear Down and Feather. All with fur or faux fur hoods. Mostly L/XL

3621.(6) Pieces: Grouping of (5) plush winter jackets. Liz Claiborne, Larry Levine, Faded Glory. Mostly L/XL

3622.Protective motorcycle riding jacket, size 38, elbow pads, back padding, vent zippers. By Outdoor Research, Night Vision, waterproof nylon jacket, good condition.

3623.(2) 3/4 length fur coats: Fur coat with LD patch sewn inside; darker brown fur coat, Burns & Burns, Philadelphia. Size L-XL

3624.(2) Mid length fur coats: Queen Anne Fur Fashions, no hood; Fur coat unmarked, no hood. L/XL

3625.(2) Mid length fur coats: Fur coat with zipper and hood, letters JAF sewn inside; Mr. Milton, TSWR, no hood. L/XL

3626.(2) 3/4 length coats: Norman Hartzell; lighter brown faux fur coat with hood, high quality made. L/XL

3627.(2) Long fur coats: Givenchy; Ice Sail, China. Both with no hood. L/XL

3628.(2) Long fur coats: Amante Furs, Vancouver; Four Seasons Fur, Toronto. Size L to XL. Both with no hood.

3628A.(2) Metal clothing racks on wheels. Heavy duty. 72" long x 63" tall.

3629.Assortment of pocelain Delft Blue pottery, vases, covered dishes, blue glass pieces, and resin cherub foutain pieces.

3630.Rack of women's fashion shoes. Colorful and decorative designs, mostly flats, some heels, Size 8.

3631.Grouping of women's snow boots and misc. pair of shoes. Size 8 mostly.

3632.Lot of shoes mostly size 8, like new. Some fashion boots.

3633.(3) Matching paintings under glass, framed, signed by artist, 17" x 14" overall.

3634.2 Pieces: Framed numbered print 19/250, under glass, double matting, and 317/360.

3635.Framed print under glass, numbered 6/100, double matted, 21" x 21" overall.

3636.Framed painting on canvas, bright colors, 27" x 24" overall, signed Mark L.

3637.(3) Pieces: two oil on boards and one on canvas, framed. 12" x 9", and (2) at 10" x 11".

3638.(3) Pieces: Framed, under glass, matted, stamped and signed pieces, feline theme.

3639.Oil painting, still life floral arrangement on canvas, framed.

3640.Painting on board, possibly acrylic, by Cindy Rodgers. 18" x 23". Some chipping.

3641.(2) Pieces, same artist, framed under glass, matted, numbered prints, 297/500 and 281/350. 20" x 17" x 16" x 14". Cobelle?

3642.(2) Pieces: Small framed piece under glass and wood framed piece under glass, matted.

3643.(3) Pieces: Oil on canvas paintings, two framed and matching, one not framed.

3644.(7) Pieces: Framed, under glass, matted, appear to be prints. Framed pieces, includes one oil on board, and (2) prints.

3645.(3) Pieces: Oil on canvas, boats at port scenes, framed.

3646.(6) Pieces: Oil on canvas paintings, framed, natures scenes and on abstract, signed. Various artists.

3647.(2) Pieces: Framed watercolor prints under glass, appears to be by same artist.

3648.Framed, triple matted, numbered Artist Proof under glass, 20/30, 19" x 19".

3649.3-dimensional piece under glass, worn out frame, made with cork and other natural material.

3650.(4) total Pieces: (2) Asian style prints, cat and fish theme, matching frames, under glass.(2) Framed prints under glass, fish theme.

3651.(2) Pieces: Asian themed pieces, framed, under glass.

3652.(6) Total pieces: Framed, under glass, samurai warrior theme, 16" x 25".(4) Matching prints, framed, under glass, 10" x 13". Asian themed.

3653.(4) Pieces: Framed, under glass, matted, Horse themed prints, one numbered 111/275.

3654.(2) Pieces: Asian style pieces under glass, framed.

3655.(2) Pieces: Framed, triple matted, under glass, 32/200; and framed pieces, under glass, matted.

3656.(4) Pieces: Framed pieces under glass, Horse theme, appear to all be prints, one Artist Proof.

3657.Framed mirror, 26" x 29", and Porthole rounded mirror, plastic frame, 14" diameter.

3658.Framed, numbered print under glass, 221/225, 30" x 23".

3659.Vintage framed advertising poster for Borax, under glass. 18" x 21".

3660.Framed print under glass, framed, Artist Proof, titled "An American Icon", 19" x 26".

3661.Framed numbered print 276/850, under glass, matted, by Roy Goodman, titled "Helford". 21" x 17".

3662.4 Pieces: Framed, numbered prints under glass, matted. By Cobelle, numbered 296/500, 401/490, 260/500, and 474/490. Three are 20" x 18", one 18" x 17".

3663.2 Pieces: Double matted prints, under glass, framed, one 59/250, titled "Into the Wind" by Martin Tobias, and one by Casati. 27" x 32" and 27" x 20".

3664.Double frame, under glass, oriental theme, 33" x 29", by Sylvia.

3665.Stone crouching cat and resin siemese cat figures, and pottery water/food bowls.

3666.Teac radio/CD/Cassette player.

3667.Early American boot puller, and rug beater.

3668.Home and kitchen wall decor, early wood bin, and boxed wine holder.

3669.Lot of cutlery includes Cooking Pleasures Forged Knives, scissors.

3670.Large grouping of cooking utensils, stainless steel silverware, cooking accessories.

3671.2 Pieces: Framed decor prints, 18" x 18".

3672.4 Pieces: Framed, prints under glass.

3673.3 Pieces: Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered prints, 21/30 AP, 250/300, and 251/300. 20" x 20".

3674.Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered print 239/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 24" x 27".

3675.Calculator machines, keyboars, keyboards, misc. electronics cords.

3676.Grouping of Corelle dishes and misc. dishes.

3677.Newbridge Cuisine steak knives, Gorham stainless silverware, and (2) 3-tier wire corner shelves, and tiered fruit basket.

3678.Small kitchen appliances, includes food processor, Krups coffee bean grinder, rice cooker, mixer, snack rack.

3679.Glass bakeware includes Pyrex and Anchor Hocking.

3680.3 Pieces: Framed Prints under glass, matted. By Cobelle? (2) Artist Proofs, and one numbered 269/600. 37" x 30", 41" x 32" and 26" x 41".

3681.Large lot of framed prints under glass, various nature theme pieces.

3682.(4) Round framed mirrors.

3683.(2) Resin scuplted elephants, 8" x 9". "The Herd".

3684.Blue Glass Swan figure, sticker marked "Handpainted by Rainbow, Alma, Arkansas".

3685.Shelf grouping of collectible Asian themed trinket boxes, wood, metal, and porcelain, some stamped with marking.

3686.Shelf grouping of resin figures includes gargoyles, frogs, zen, glass fish, misc.

3687.Shelf grouping of resin figures includes Happy Buddahs, gargoyles, dragons, red clay like paint set, and hanging pieces.

3688.Shelf grouping of collectible resin figures in boces, includes "The Eight Noble Horses", "The Boat of Life", and other sets.

3689.Lot of small wood nesting display pedestals, Iron Ball collectibles in boxes, handpainted glass crystal orbs with stand in box.

3690.Resin mold horse head, 22"tall, and resin dusk statue 16"tall, and Rooster.

3691.Lot of collectible plates from The Bradford Exchange, Royal Worcester, and etched glass.

3692.(2) Pairs of Like new women's ice skates. Size 8.,

3693.(2) Pairs of vintaeg roller skates. Some markings.

3694.(3) LED battery powered lanterns, and (2) desk lights.

3695.Pair of Japanese fabric/silk like wall hanging art.

3696.Grouping of car themed posters, framed, and (2) others pieces.

3697.Large lot of mostly Cat themed prints, some watercolors, includes some dog pieces, and frog piece. Canvas pieces.

3698.Large grouping Ship Theme artwork. Mostly prints, framed, under glass, some water colors.

3699.Bin of various themes of framed artwork. Includes some numbered prints.

3700.Nice quality globe, metal frame. 18" tall.

3701.Danby Designer wine chiller. 18" x 18" x 20".

3702.(2) Floor lamps.

3703.(5) Side tables.

3704.Two cases for jewelry or small collectibles.

3705.New jewelry box.

3706.Friedrich dehumidifier.

3707.(2) Tractor seat style hard resin molded chairs on wheeled swivel base. Includes other chair components but no base.

3708.Igloo cooler and plaid soft cooler.

3709.(3) Floor lamps with dual bulbs.

3710.Wood frame small bench, upholstered seat. 38" x 20" x 40".

3711.Grouping of furniture: Rolling side table/desk, single drawer side table, (2) folding tray tables, and folding chair.

3712.Metal wire mail style cart on casters. 27" x 22" x 26".

3713.(3) Wood plant stands. Two with matching design and insert.

3714.Assortment of VHS, DVDs, CDRs, blank DVDs; workout videos, movies.

3715.Assortment of mantel decorations, vases, faux flowers, older Bordeaux bottle, and Bible on wood Bible stand.

3716.Tray of misc. women's fashion watches.

3716A.Hardware crafted playing billiards piece.

3717.Lot of crystal/acrylic like figures with fish inside.

3718.Resin colored faux leaded lamp 20"tall, and faux arrangement. Resin cardinals.

3719.(2) stone pottery vases 18", 20" tall, and (2) metal vases, 17"tall.

3720.(3) locking foam cases, one with key and 2 with 3-digit combo (unknown but open) and (2) blacklight flashlights.

3721.(2) Ceramic pottery pieces, 24" vase/umbrella holder, and 10" urn.

3722.Wood small drawer stand , 24" x 10" x 30", 20 drawers.

3723.Wall hanging glass front door display cabinet 19" x 4" 30" and 5-sided glass panel, display cabinet 24" x 10" x 44". And Dark wood stain framed wall hanging mirror, 15" x 51".

3724.Chamber pot with lid, in wood casing. 19" x 17" x 21".

3725.Rolling server cart, 3-shelves, 39" x 18" x 39".

3726.Lot of photography items includes 2 tripods, Canon lens, flashes, batteries, spy cam.

3727.Wood stand on wheels, two drawers. 41" x 13" x 39".

3728.(3) Server pieces. Two on wheels and one with tray top.

3729.Lot of board games: Jeopardy, Scrabble, Chess.

3730.(5) Pieces of hard case luggage. Antler, Samsonite.

3731.(2) Carry on size travel cases by Bodhi. Plaid color design.

3732.Adjustable scaffolding ladder, Youngman 1000.

3733.Lot of (3) Aluminum a-frame ladders. 5ft, 6ft, 8ft. And Step ladder

3734.(2) 12 gallon shop vacs.

3735.Vintage heavy duty cart on casters. 24" x 36".

3736.(5) Folding saw horses.

3737.Lot of lawn and garden tools, pruner, scraper, post hole digger, shovel, snow shovel, push broom, And Black & Decker hand tuck.

3738.Seat stool on wheels and other wheeled stool.

3739.(2) Pet carrier hard cases.

3740.(2) Pet carrier hard cases.

3741.(5) Pet carrier soft bags.

3742.(2) Red vinyl side chairs. Some damage.

3742A.Black & Decker electric string trimmer and electric leaf blower.

3743.Cyber Slam boxing dummy. Not tested. Empty.

3744.Lot of LP 33rpm vinyl records. Pop, musical soundtracks, BeeGees, Jazz.

3745.Samurai swords in sheaths, with stand, 30" and 34" long. One has curved handle.

3746.Hand crafted pine storage trunk, metal hardware, on wheels, 27" x 18" x 24".

3747.Metal drawered organizer unit, 10-drawer, By Bisly. 11" x 16" x 27".

3748.Pair of plant stands, matching. 10" x 10" x 24".

3749.Collection of gems, shells, fossils.

3750.(2) Bar-height chairs, upholstered cushion seats.

3751.Slat back wood chair and low curved chair.

3752.Wood server cart on wheels, one drawer. Vintage wood. 16" x 24" x 25".

3753.Small church pew style bench, carvings on the sides, 46" x 24" x 36'. Some wear.

3754.(2) Step benches. Air pump, stool, inflatable medicine ball, pumps.

3755.(2) 4-Drawer end tables, dark wood stain, 14" x 16" x 24".

3756.(2) Office chairs, with (2) seat bottoms.

3757.Wood side stand, plant stand, and chests.

3758.Lot of table cloths, place mats, accent hand towels.

3759.(2) Oval full body mirrors, single sided, 24" x 61".

3760.Wood child's desk with side drawers, and fold up top, 21" x 20" x 31".

3761.Curved end wood bench.

3762.Plant stand with marble insert, 13" x 13" x 36".

3763.Handcrafted wood horse with carved designs. 28" x 36". Some damage.

3764.Wood chest, metal hardware, no key. 20" x 12" x 11".

3765.(2) Dark wood stained folding 3 level display stands. 35" tall.

3766.(2) Vintage shipping crates, Collico service, British Railways, 25" x 13" x 14" and larger one 34" x 25" x 14".

3767.Rolling storage stand, 36"tall x 16"round. 5 shelves.

3768.Early wood luggage crate with steel corners, bracing, and steel hardware. Rope handles, 30" x 20" x 11".

3769.(4) Child sized chairs.

3770.Hand crafted, 3-leg stool with carving design and narrow back.

3771.Five drawer, dark wood stain, clear glossy finish with storage underneath, 19" x 14" x 40".

3772.(2) Brass table lamps with red shades and red bulbs. 26"h.

3773.(2) Identical 10-drawer wood stand, 14" x 11" x 44". Two knobs need replaced.

3774.Small wood 24 drawer stand. 12" x 8" x 28".

3775.Small wood chest, 25" x 12" x 13".

3776.(2) Jewelry stands, one missing a drawer. Both have some wear, two handles broken.

3777.3-Section accordion style photo holder, some wear.

3778.Wood, dark stained, glazed clear coat finish, 10 drawer organizer stand. 16" x 17" x 53".

3779.Special Road Racer 21-speed road bike.

3780.(2) Floor lamp with resin faux leaded shade, 70" tall. With push button on/off cord.

3781.Coat/Hat rack and umbrella rack. Metal.

3782.(2) Brass floor lamps with blue shades and bulbs. Includes misc. clocks.

3783.(3) Printers: HP Photosmart 6510 and Canon MG2920, also includes Brother label printer.

3784.(3) Monitors, (3) Keyboards, and wireless mice, misc. cords.

3785.Lot of small handbags, wallets, phone cases, misc. fashion wallets.

3786.Lot of medium size purses, hand bags. Mostly shades of brown.

3787.Lot of purses, handbags, mostly shades of brown and tan.

3788.Lot of colorful fashion purses and handbags.

3789.Lot of mostly plaid style purses.

3790.Lot of women's fashion belts.

3791.Chest with damage to hinge and small wood box.

3792.Lot of Sterlite plastic storage containers. 7 total.

3793.Lot of storage draw towers.

3794.Large assortment of plastic specimen/bead holders. Includes bin.

3795.Small replica of London Telephone Booth collectibles case. 11" x 9" x 31".

3796.Plush ducks, and plush knot ball.

3797.New in Box Thane water filtration vacuum cleaner SA861-80, appears to be complete.

3798.Clear plastic display boxes, new in box, 8" x 4" x 4"; 12 Pieces.

3799.Tote of storage bags, traveling bags.

3800.Lot of food storage containers.

3801.Lot of sweaters in plastic storage bins.

3802.Lot of purses, in plastic organizer bin.

3803.Singer sewing machine, Golden Touch & Sew, model 630, with case, and pedal.

3804.Singer sewing machine, Golden Touch & Sew, model 630, with case, pedal, and circular stitcher.

3805.Singer sewing machine, Golden Touch & Sew II, model 770, no case, with button buttonholer, and foot pedal.

3806.Lot of sewing accessories, accessory case, Includes wardobe foam model.

3807.Lot of mostly women's clothing and shoes, size 8, and L to XL. Some men's slacks. (6) totes included.

3808.Sewing stand with stow-away roll out seat. No machine included.

3809.(2) New in Box gravity chairs by Barton.

3810.Like wicker, brown room divider. 70"tall.

3811.Kawai X30 Keyboard, with stand, and craft of misc. sheet music, and some piano music books.

3812.(2) Artists portfolio cases, Includes misc. artwork inside, some paintings, prints, supplies.

3813.(4) Prints of technical drawings of early aircraft. One with no frame.

3814.Grouping of large acrylic paintings on canvas. No Frames.

3815.Assortment of ships at sea paintings on canvas. No Frames.

3816.(3) Heart to Tail Pet Carriers, holds up to 25 lbs.

3817.Mini fridge. Powered on.

3818.Lot cooking aprons, some new in packaging.

3819.(2) Bolts of fabric and one bolt of vinyl.

3820.(2) Bins of linens, Irish linens.

3821.Bin of various themes of framed artwork. Includes some numbered prints.

3822.Framed numbered print, under glass, triple matted, 4/250.

3823.Bin of Ship theme and architecture theme prints, lithographs, framed under glass.

3824.Bin of Architectural themed and post card like prints and lithographs. Framed under glass.

3825.Pieces: Framed, under glass, matted, prints, some numbered.

3826.Bin of Framed pieces under glass. Mostly watercolor prints and some original watercolors.

3827.2 Pieces: Framed prints, under glass, double matted, by Marc Chagall.

3828.Framed numbered print under glass, double matted, 289/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 23" x 27".

3829.Large piece. Framed numbered print under glass, double matted, 44/300, stamped by Givon Prints. 40" x 50".

3830.3 Pieces: Framed, under glass painted fossil like pieces.

3831.2 Pieces: Framed numbered prints under glass, 103/350 and 127/1000. Same artist.

3832.(2) Kitchen scales, oil and vinegar bottle set, salt and pepper mill.

3833.(4) Wood craft bird houses.

3834.(3) wood and metal decorative bird cages.

3835.(3) trays of purses and handbags.

3836.Lot of wall hooks in bin.

3837.Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered print 139/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 33" x 43".

3838.Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered print, 165/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 29" x 34".

3839.2 Pieces: Appear to be oil on canvas, framed. 30" x 42" by M. H. Arnette? And 24" x 36", signed.

3840.Wall hanging mirror, 30" x 39".

3841.Framed, under glass, double matted under glass, numbered print, 253/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 23" x 27".

3842.(2) Paintings on bard, wood frame, appear to be acrylic, signed, 29" x 33".

3843.Fire extinguisher wall box.

3844.Framed, under glass, double matted, numbered print, 211/300, by Itzchak Tarkay, 24" x 27".

3845.Framed, double matted, under glass, numbered print, 177/300, 30" x 34". Frame damaged, needs repaired.

3846.Framed, under glass, Artist Proof, by Itzchak Tarkay, 35" x 35".

3847.Plaster casts of horse figures.

3848.Paper mache like figures on wood bases, and 11" tall, vase.

3849.Lot of best sellers books includes: Dean Koontz, James Patterson, John Grisham, Wilbur Smith, Stephen King, and more.

3850.Grouping of small jewelry boxes/small drawered organizer.

3851.Lot of car books includes, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Chiltons manual for Corvette Stingray, and other car books.

3852.Brass bucket, 12" diameter.

3853.(3) Wood organizer drawer cases.

3854.Vanity mirror, jewelry hanger, picture tree, and other vanity items.